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The school encourages a child-centric, inquiry-based approach to learning, which has been developed from best practices.


We strongly believe that it is important to focus on whole-education but not at the cost of academic excellence. To this extent, the academic quotient is balanced out with personal and physical development programmes, as well as community service components.


The Indus Early Years Programme also believes in being an all-inclusive school, and thus welcomes applications from all interested parties, with no discrimination against religious, political, social, and economic status and views. Children with Special Education Needs are also welcome to apply.

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The 26th Central Leadership Retreat at IISB - 18-21 June, 2017
Our Visit to The Farm
Pongal Celebrations 2016-17
Indus Day Celebrations 2015-16
Sports Day 2015-16
IELC Chennai Indus Day 2014
Book Week
Parent Education
The Pilot Visits
IELC Chennai Sports Day 2014
The Visit to the Dentist
Dance Classes at School
Story Time
At School
Play Time at IELC Chennai
Class Rooms
Art Time
IELC Chennai Launch
Diwali and Childrens Day Celebrations
Xmas Cheer-Dec 2012
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