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"Greater energy and greater passion is more extraordinary than greater genius."
Lt. General Arjun Ray,(Retd.),PVSM,VSM



Issue 175, August 2017


Dear Friends,




The world belongs to creative people, people who give rebirth to themselves, who give meaning to life, who lead an examined life, who are happy.


In 2010, IBM conducted a landmark study of 1500 global CEOs to determine what crucial competency was required to flourish in a VUCA World. The overwhelming response said creativity.


Creativity is as essential as literacy. If you are not creative, you are illiterate. And if you do not have the desire or ability to unlearn and relearn, you are a liability to society, and even to your family! Period.


Creativity cannot be taught because man is born creative. 98% children at age 5 are genius. However, as they advance in school and in life, the environment conspires to deprive them of creativity. The best and more effective way of sustaining creativity is by providing children a creative environment in class, campus, and in homes. Emotional intelligence, must therefore be a teaching objective.


Creative is the only mantra for:





With warm regards,

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

Chief Executive Officer

Indus Trust

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